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What do our employees say about LEONI?

Three of our current employees reflect on how they have benefited from being participants in our summer internship program:

Learning from professionals on a first-hand basis allowed me to gain knowledge and experience in the field of Human Resources. This paved an easy way when I started my own professional career.

Dalia Azab, Human Resources

Being a part of the internship program allowed me to blend in more and more with my environment and the requirements of professional life. The transition was a very natural step.

Mostafa Hawash, Human Resources

Before joining the program all of my experience was only theoretical but this gave me a chance to gain practical experience it was an important phase that broadened and honed my skills.

Marco Sobhy, Project Management

It’s a very good place to learn and to gain experience

“LEONI has a very strong system and very good exposure”

“It’s the best organization ever”

“LEONI is a school and an academy”

“It’s a very good environment to experience a multinational culture”

“LEONI is a great place to start your career”

“There is the opportunity to get a high level of experience in a short period of time”

“LEONI offers an excellent work environment with a good experience”

“It’s a reputable multinational company with a strong quality management system”

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