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Head of Product Section

Mohamed, a LEONI member since 1997, began in operations and steadily climbed the ladder.

My story at LEONI

My name is Mohamed. I joined LEONI in 1997 in operations, where the first step in my success story was drawn on LEONI's sand. From my initial days at LEONI, I felt that every single person matters, and everyone intends to make a difference here. In 1998, I was promoted to Manufacturing Manager, which strongly indicated that I had found my way and started practically writing my success story at LEONI, my second home. From that point forward, I sought ways to learn, develop, and make a difference in LEONI, digging new knowledge wells. Currently, I am the Head of the Product Section handling Aston Martin Business in the Cairo plant.

My job

My role at LEONI Manufacturing is to ensure that all production teams work in harmony to meet production deadlines and company targets. Generally, a successful production manager should maintain confidence in his workforce by giving credit and building up morale. Establishing trust is crucial, achieved by keeping one's word, being fair, consistent, and tracking commitments. Building a resilient crew that can rely on each other when faced with challenges is also essential.

The life of a manufacturing production manager may be stressful and demanding, but it can be satisfying to know that you play a vital role in delivering high-quality products to your ever-watchful customers.

My daily routine

Here's an example of what a standard day looks like for a Head of Product Section:

1. Check-in and review all emails, addressing any hot topics, unplanned stoppages, and quickly reviewing yesterday's production output.

2. Attend the daily meeting of the product section (AML business). Review daily Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for yesterday, including output, efficiency, quality figures, 6s results, SHE results, maintenance status, and any general topics.

3. Conduct a GEMBA tour within the product section under my responsibility, involving a speed walk throughout the entire factory in operational areas.

4. Participate in the plant management daily meeting (DOM). Review daily KPIs for the entire plant, covering output, efficiency, quality figures, 6s results, SHE results, maintenance status, and any general topics.

5. Conduct a GEMBA tour within one of our plant factories, rotating areas throughout the week. This involves a speed walk throughout the entire factory in operational areas.

6. Attend various cross-functional meetings as per the schedule, such as Change management, new MYs, Improvement process, quality issues, management review, Budget preparation, MPPR review, MTP Improvements, Project review, and others.

7. Meet with the factory SHE team to review safety and health regulations or any related topics.

8. Perform random 6s self-auditing in any production area.

9. Engage in brainstorming sessions about potential improvements for the day.

10. Follow up on all production throughout the day, react promptly, and take necessary actions for any issues disturbing the production process.

My highlights

I wouldn't pinpoint just one special moment because every moment since my arrival at LEONI in 1997 until now has been exciting. However, I can shed light on some specific moments to share with you.

In 1998, I was given my first managerial responsibilities at LEONI just one year after joining, which was an impressive appreciation.

In 1999, months after being appointed, I entered my boss's office after achieving my first target as a manager in Freelander Mains, the most challenging area at that time. Overcoming obstacles required many LEONI Egypt calibers, and I embraced the challenge, spending many continuous days in the factory without going home at all.

In 2003, my name was proposed to tackle a tough challenge in 1st tier business, and the target was effectively achieved.

In 2008, my production area 'segment 5' achieved an overall segment efficiency of 130%, a unique accomplishment in LEONI. While it's possible to find an area achieving 130% efficiency, it's nearly impossible to find an overall segment efficiency of 130%.

In 2022, another great moment was the implementation of NextGen, and I was appointed as Head of Product Section at AML.

In September 2023, the most amazing moment in any father's life occurred when his son secured his first job after graduation. What made it even more special was that my son joined the same field and the same company as his dad. You can imagine how special it is when my son joined LEONI, my second home.

My view of LEONI as an employer

Back in 1997, my ambition extended far beyond the limits; I was very eager to join the industrial field. LEONI caught my attention as the automotive industry underwent an extraordinary transformation over many years, which was exciting to me. LEONI was an international corporation with a family atmosphere and a high degree of collegiality, meeting a long company history with many product innovations.

LEONI has always been an attractive employer in Egypt and worldwide. With more than 100,000 employees in 30 countries, I was impressed by this right from the start. The cool side-effect of our LEONI Nasr City base is its amazing central location.

What is wonderful about LEONI and makes the LEONI team a unique team in Egypt and worldwide is the concrete bond. LEONI creates a unique bond between its team members, regardless of whether they are still working in LEONI or have left for another firm. People stay one team, family members, regardless of being in or ex LEONI. You find ex-employees who left LEONI 10 or 15 years ago and are still very keen to be with their LEONI family. Not only that, but also when speaking about “LEONI,” they often say “we have at LEONI” in the present tense, even though they left LEONI 10 years ago. A special concrete bond and amazing loyalty between the team not even within the same country; you can easily find two friends from Egypt and the UK, for instance, maybe both no longer in LEONI but always in touch, saying 'we have in LEONI.'

LEONI has a strong family spirit and bond; there are conflicts because this is life; however, when the waves are thick, you just find one wall and one hand facing the wave. There is also an amazing level of commitment and dedication at LEONI that can overcome any challenge, no matter how difficult. Together we stand firm in front of all the big waves.

LEONI can be succinctly described in three words: System & Management Institute, Team Spirit, and Inspiring.

What advice would you give to someone starting at LEONI?

Believe in yourself!

Be open to new approaches and methods; life itself is constantly changing.

You are strong if your team is strong; no one is ever strong alone.

Obstacles and challenges are a great gift, being the real source of development.

Focus on your team's strengths and strengthen them; this will make you shine.

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