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Segment Leader

Ayman Ibrahim, with LEONI since January 1997, holds diverse roles and is now a segment leader.

My story at LEONI

My name is Ayman Ibrahim, and I have been working at LEONI since January 1997. I have held various positions within the company, eventually reaching the role of segment leader. Prior to joining LEONI, I had already been working in the same field. This choice was driven by my profound passion for the industry, despite having a background in commerce and business administration.

LEONI has always been like a second home to me, offering everything I need. I dedicate significant effort and energy to succeed and enhance not only myself but also contribute to the success of LEONI and the broader community. The company provides various avenues for success, including training, education, interaction, and attention.

My job

What excites me most about my job is the incredible work team of which I am a part. Collaborating with dedicated and talented colleagues fosters a dynamic environment where ideas flourish, and we collectively drive the success of our projects.

The opportunity to work and gain experience in my role is truly exciting. Each day presents new challenges that contribute to my professional growth, allowing me to leverage the wealth of experience I've accumulated over the years.

The prospect of continuous learning excites me greatly. The job provides numerous learning opportunities, from staying updated on industry trends to participating in training programs. This ensures that I am always expanding my skill set and staying at the forefront of my field.

I am thrilled by the positive company culture that defines my workplace. The emphasis on collaboration, innovation, and recognition of individual contributions creates a supportive environment where everyone feels valued and motivated to excel.

What excites me most is the clear commitment to employee development and growth. The company provides various pathways for development and upgrading, ensuring that I am equipped with the skills needed to take on new challenges and advance in my career.

My highlights

My most exciting moment at LEONI so far was when I was honored by the company ten years after my appointment.

My view of LEONI as an employer

At LEONI, our work culture is characterized by a supportive environment that fosters professional development. We prioritize open communication, mutual support, and providing opportunities for individual growth. The atmosphere in our team is defined by collective participation in work, and we always keep our goals in front of us, working hard to achieve them.

In three words, I would describe LEONI as my second home, a big family, and a lovely place to work.

What advice would you give to someone starting at LEONI?

To succeed, you must be a reliable employee, keeping the lines of communication open with your manager and co-workers while also trying to enjoy the company of your new colleagues.

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