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Plant Manager

After graduating as an Engineer specialized in Mechanical Power in 2010, Ahmad joined LEONI and now serves as plant manager for Badr plant.

My story at LEONI

My name is Ahmad, and I joined LEONI in June 2010 after graduating as an Engineer specialized in Mechanical Power. I was recommended by a friend who praised LEONI's excellent environment and culture. Currently, I hold the position of Plant Manager for the Badr plant.

My job

Usually I begin my day by arriving at work, grabbing a cup of coffee, and then diving into checking the calendar, reviewing the performance of prior shifts, and assessing the progress of previous tasks and actions. Following this, I attend the daily standup meeting where each department leader presents their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and addresses any pending topics. Afterward, a quick GEMBA walk is conducted in a randomly selected area to identify new points for improvement before heading to the daily operational meeting at the country level.

In the afternoon, my focus shifts to numerous online meetings aimed at better alignment, both internally within the country and externally. Following these meetings, another GEMBA walk is conducted on the shop floor to ensure that operators receive any necessary support.

At the end of the day, my main focus is on prioritizing tasks and actions for the following day to ensure everything is implemented on time.

My highlights

On a career level, one of the most rewarding moments for me was being chosen as a segment leader at the Badr Plant. It was particularly special because it was the first internal vacancy I applied for, marking a significant milestone in my professional journey.

On a business level, a recent highlight was when the Badr Plant secured the latest BMW project. This achievement was pivotal for the development and expansion of the Badr Plant, underscoring its importance in our business strategy.

My view of LEONI as an employer

At LEONI, we operate like a close-knit family, emphasizing that our company isn't solely driven by business. Outside of work hours, our team enjoys numerous outings and sports activities, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie among all employees. What truly stands out to me is the remarkable team spirit ingrained within our culture. Each team member holds themselves accountable for our collective success, demonstrating a commitment to the team's achievements as a whole.

In Egypt's automotive industry, which may not be at its peak, LEONI stands out as a beacon of potential. Despite the challenges, our company exemplifies that the best is yet to come. What makes LEONI truly unique is the fusion of multinational and Egyptian cultures, showcasing a deep respect and care for our employees. It's evident that LEONI recognizes that our people are our greatest asset, and the company spares no effort in nurturing and supporting this invaluable resource.

In three words, I would describe LEONI as respectful, caring and dynamic.

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