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HO Country Procurement Management

Doaa, part of LEONI since October 2010, holds the position of HO Country Procurement Management for Egypt.

My story at LEONI

I am Doaa, and I have been with LEONI since October 2010. My educational background is in languages, with German as my first language and Spanish as my second. I joined LEONI based on a friend's recommendation, and currently, I hold the position of HO Country Procurement Management for Egypt.

My job

In my role as, my day-to-day work involves setting highlights for the day and creating a prioritized to-do list. The day kicks off with a stand-up meeting with my teams, followed by a similar meeting with my manager and peers. I spend time resolving issues and working towards meeting daily and monthly targets, whether within the department or for the entire country.

What excites me most about my job is the opportunity to face new challenges and gain valuable experience. I find fulfillment in sharing knowledge with colleagues and fostering communication between different functions, contributing to a dynamic and collaborative work environment.

My highlights

One of the most special moments to my heart at LEONI has been the recognition of hard work, where the efforts put in were acknowledged and appreciated.

My view of LEONI as an employer

I chose LEONI as my employer because I am deeply passionate about the valuable experience and knowledge that LEONI offers in the industry, and I highly value the opportunities for growth and development within the company.

The work culture at LEONI is characterized by a collaborative environment that fosters teamwork and mutual support. In my team, the atmosphere is positive and collaborative, promoting effective communication and a sense of shared goals.

LEONI, in my perspective, can be succinctly described in three words: "Strong, reliable system," "Progressive," and "Challenging."

What has changed at LEONI in recent years?

In recent years at LEONI, the business model has become more challenging and dynamic.

What advice would you give to someone starting at LEONI?

If I were to give advice to someone starting at LEONI, I would emphasize the importance of patience. It's crucial to be eager to learn and absorb everything within the company. Additionally, honing communication skills is key for effective collaboration and success.

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