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Head of Production Engineering- Badr

Mohamed, at LEONI since May 1999, started as a cutting operator and rose to head Engineering for BMW Business in Egypt.

My story at LEONI

Hello, my name is Mohamed. I have been with LEONI since May 1999. I studied at the Electrical Technical Institute in Cairo.

My sister started at LEONI one year before me, and every day she talked about the working environment at LEONI and how much she enjoyed working there. This made me interested in joining the company. Therefore, once I finished my education, I applied to LEONI, and since then, I have been happy to be part of this company.

During my journey at LEONI, I progressed from being a cutting operator to a taping operator. My proposal for a harness change led to my transition to the engineering department. I subsequently established a new engineering department in the Badr BMW plant in Egypt and became the Engineering Team Leader in Tieling, China. After serving as the BMW Project Manager in China and the Head of Engineering/Industrialization/Project Management in Merida 2, Mexico, I returned to LEONI Egypt as the Head of Engineering IE_Capacity Planning for BMW Business in the Badr plant.

My job

Working in the Production Engineering department isn't like other departments. The engineering team is responsible for setting the standard for the entire production process and solving all related problems. Therefore, I need to be very flexible, changing my daily routine to react quickly to any production problems that may arise at any time of the day.

My daily routine


My day starts at 8:00 AM with a cup of coffee while checking my email and addressing critical topics.

At 8:20, daily production area meetings begin; I attend these meetings with the engineering team leaders to review open points, observe how the topics are handled, and assess communication between engineering and other departments.

At 8:45, my internal stand-up meeting with the engineering team starts to discuss open points and organize the priority list for each area.

At 9:00, I join the management stand-up meeting to discuss our daily critical points and ensure that the points from the previous day are closed.

From 10:00 to 12:00, I engage in my daily activities with the engineering team, focusing on open points, change management, and implementation dates versus BMW requirements.

Lunch break

From 12:00 to 12:30, I start my lunch, check the news and chat with the team during the break time.


From 12:30 to 13:30, I check with the IE team the ongoing activities and new project calculations for NH.

From 13:30 to 16:30, I attend various meetings related to the new Project Gen 6 and SAP Flow implementation.


When the workday comes to an end, I engage in my favorite activity – cycling. Therefore, I try to enjoy it every night to relieve the stress accumulated throughout the day.

My highlights

A significant highlight in my career journey was being nominated to move to China, becoming the first Egyptian expatriate stationed outside of Egypt.

My view of LEONI as an employer

For me, LEONI is one of the best employers in Egypt in terms of the working environment, employees' rights, and equality between staff levels. When I started at LEONI as an assembly operator, I was very grateful to work in an air-conditioned place, which is very exceptional in Egypt, and a safe workplace. After years of working at LEONI, I believe that the idea of teamwork and standardization are the values that I appreciate the most about working at LEONI. In the beginning, you might think it’s very normal to be part of a team and adhere to a standard, but over time, I discovered that these values changed my approach to everything I do in my entire life. We all win, we all lose. It’s the culture of the TEAM. Every day, the Engineering team works hard together to solve all the issues in our production line, whoever is responsible from the Engineering department. We help each other to overcome whatever appears because it’s the team's responsibility. The Engineering team works side by side with other departments to achieve the company's goals. You can’t say I win if another department failed. The atmosphere in my team can be described as a family atmosphere. In addition to our daily working life, we care about each other’s personal life; we stand for each other in every situation.

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